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Line 6 Releases AMPLIFi FX100

Line 6 Releases AMPLIFi FX100

AMPLIFi FX100 provides over 200 amps and effects.

Calabasas, CA (May 14, 2014) -- Line 6, Inc. is proud to announce the availability of AMPLIFi FX100, the iOS enabled, cloud-enhanced multi-effects pedal that offers guitarists a fast and fun path to unlimited professional-quality tones. Building on the introduction of AMPLIFi amplifiers at the 2014 NAMM show, the AMPLIFi FX100 multi-effects pedal offers guitarists a cutting-edge new way to dial-in amazing tones and effects.

“We reinvented the guitar amp with AMPLIFi, giving customers a fast, fun way to dial up great tones and connect with a worldwide community of guitarists,” said Paul Foeckler, CEO of Line 6. “Now, the availability of AMPLIFi FX100 further strengthens our leadership position in the floor multi-effects category, offering guitarists the awesome AMPLIFi experience in a purpose-built floorboard form factor.”

“Since the AMPLIFi family launched at NAMM 2014, it has won multiple awards and received rave reviews from both customers and the press,” stated Max Gutnik, Vice President of Products and Marketing, Line 6. “AMPLIFi FX100 is a proud addition to the family. Combined with the AMPLIFi iOS Remote app, FX100 offers unprecedented features like automatic tone matching, cloud connectivity, and wireless control, making it easier and more fun to create, rehearse, and jam.”

Like AMPLIFi 150 and 75, AMPLIFi FX100 provides over 200 world-class amps and effects, making it the perfect front-end tone generator for any guitar amp. Featuring the groundbreaking AMPLIFi Remote iOS app, the AMPLIFi family allows guitarists to dial up amazing tones—including the award-winning Line 6 tones behind thousands of hit recordings—with unprecedented speed and precision. Since all AMPLIFi family products utilize the same technology, users can easily share patches between FX100 and the AMPLIFi guitar amps.

With wireless control, instant tone matching, Bluetooth streaming audio, and a continually expanding cloud-based library, AMPLIFi offers guitarists an incredibly fun and creative way to dial-in amazing sound.

Guitarists, bloggers, and reviewers throughout the music community have spoken out about the unique new experience that AMPLIFi provides. “This automatic tone matching is pretty amazing,” stated Phil O’Keefe, Senior Editor of Harmony Central. “[AMPLIFi Remote] uses the expected iOS tap and slide gestures and it’s all easy and intuitive to use. The iOS editor provides a lot more control and editing flexibility than the more traditional top panel controls. I'm impressed by the flexibility of the AMPLIFi 150. The wireless editing, Bluetooth connectivity, and stereo sound take it well beyond the capabilities of other guitar amps.”

On, AMPLIFi user Dennis Perez-Colon added: “The key to this endless world of tone exploration comes from the iOS app that controls everything from your iPhone/iPad device and can save hours of time for the busy guitarist, instead of changing cables, pedals, cabs and preamps.”

“We used the app on an iPad and found it very easy to use,” said Trevor Curwen of Music Radar. You have the facility to not only create a whole library of your own tones but also get new ones from the Cloud, uploaded by the Line 6 community.”

AMPLIFi FX100 ($419.99 MSRP) is now available from Line 6 dealers worldwide, and is compatible with AMPLIFi Remote v1.1.

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