A take-off on a vintage Roland AP-7 Jet Phaser.

Minneapolis, MN (December 7, 2012) -- Loud Button Electronics has announced their latest pedal, a take-off on a vintage Roland AP-7 Jet Phaser. Here are the details from the company:

Loud Button’s Shawn Schoenberger has done it again. The Morphine Dream is the coolest pedal to hit the market since the WTF. A dreamy, psychedelic eight-stage phaser with fuzzy vintage distortion up-front, this pedal sounds almost 40-years-old!

Many tones are in this box, from watery "Woodstock-style" vibe to insane flanged distortion and everything in between. Four foot switches eliminate the six-position preset switch which was standard on the AP-7. This will give the user total, hands-free control over every aspect of the circuit.

The control functions are:
• Normal/Effect. Electronic true bypass, just like the original with LED Indicator.
• Fuzz On/Off. Switch out the fuzz circuit for the best clean phase modulation you’ve ever heard.
• Shallow/Deep with LED Indicators. Choose phaser depth.
• Slow/Fast with LED Indicators. All speed changes follow a natural-sounding ramp which simulates a mechanical rotary speaker.

Additional highlights:
• 18V circuit that runs on a standard external 9VDC supply (there is no provision for batteries)
• Hand-built and designed in the United States, this pedal contains three circuit boards and over 200 parts.
• Hand-wired by its creator with aerospace-grade Teflon-jacketed, silver plated wire.
• Metal Neutrik In/Out Jacks
• Lead-Free, RoHS Compliant

The Morphine Dream carries a street price of $429.

Watch a video demo from Loud Button Electronics:

For more information:
Loud Button

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