Mad Hatter Guitar Products Introduces the Electric Ed 13/8 Humbuckers

A medium-output set that features an alnico V magnet and a nickel base plate.

Cave Creek, AZ (December 2, 2020) -- Mad Hatter Guitar Products is pleased to introduce the Electric Ed 13/8 Humbucker Pickup Set.

The 13/8 Humbucker Pickups are hand wound medium output pickups providing great tone and note clarity.  Whether you're a shredder, jazz player, country picker, classic rock, or whatever you play, you'll find these pickups provide a well balance of power and note clarity to meet your needs in both humbucker and when split.


The 13/8 Humbuckers Pickups feature an alnico V magnet, nickel base plate, and allen head pole pieces.  The poles go all the way through the bobbin and through the base plate to provide additional sustain.


To match the allen head poles, the adjustment screws are allen head socket screws. It provides a nice bold uniform look.


Both the bridge and neck pickups have mismatched coils with the hotter coil active when the pickup is split to ground.  The bridge pickup splits to the inner coil and the neck to outer coil for more authentic single coil sounds.


The Bridge Pickup measures at 13 ohms and the Neck Pickup at 8 ohms.  Thus, the name 13/8.


The 13/8 Humbuckers Pickups are available in Black, Zebra, White, and Black & White. Both the bridge and neck pickups are available in Standard and Trem spacing. Optional covers coming soon.

Pricing for the 13/8 Humbuckers Pickups start at just $150.00 each.

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