Inspired through conversation with Steve Vai, the wiring systems offers a wealth of switching options.

Scottsdale, AZ (January 9, 2019) -- Mad Hatter Guitar Products is excited to introduce its newest Terminator System.

Inspired through a conversation with Steve Vai, the Terminator Ten is the new pinnacle of Terminator Systems for humbucker/single/humbucker (“HSH”) equipped guitars.

In standard operation mode the Goes to Eleven volume pot is at 500k and the Terminator Ten 5-way selector switch has the following pickup combinations:

  • Position One - Bridge humbucker
  • Position Two - Bridge humbucker & middle single-coil
  • Position Three - Bridge & neck humbuckers
  • Position Four - Neck humbucker & middle single-coil
  • Position Five - Neck humbucker

Engage the Terminator Ten P/P pot and turn your guitar into a Strat by changing the value of the Goes to Eleven volume pot from 500k to 250k and now having the following pickup combinations with Terminator Ten 5-way selector switch:

  • Position One - Bridge humbucker split
  • Position Two - Bridge humbucker split & middle single-coil
  • Position Three - Middle single-coil
  • Position Four - Neck humbucker split & middle single-coil
  • Position Five - Neck humbucker split

With the Terminator Ten it's like having a dual-humbucker guitar and a Strat in one guitar!


Like all Terminator systems, the Terminator Ten includes all the components needed to bring the best out of your guitar, including a Switchcraft output jack, easy to read instructions, and world class customer support.

Pricing starts at $94.99.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
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