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Majik Box Introduces the Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe Custom

Delivering the same great, shred approved overdrive and boost as the original with several new enhancements.

Torrance, CA (October 17, 2012) – Designed in cooperation with Paul Gilbert, the original Fuzz Universe remains one of Majik Box’s best selling pedals. After two years of rugged touring and countless recordings with the Fuzz Universe, Paul suggested some new features to be added in creation of a flagship Fuzz Universe Custom.

These new features include:

• Quiet Click relay switching, a new circuit allowing for nearly silent footswitch operation while retaining True Bypass circuitry
• The addition of studio grade Carling footswitches
• An ultra lightweight, white texture powder-coated, aluminum chassis and new Lexan label designed by Paul.
• The same acclaimed drive and boost sections as the original Fuzz Universe

Paul recently road-tested the Fuzz Universe Custom during an extensive European tour and recorded his new solo release Vibrato, utilizing the pedal.

Designed and hand built at the Majik Box HQ in Torrance, CA, the Fuzz Universe Custom will go on sale at next week for $329.99.

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