Martin Ritter Launches New Gig Bag Lines

The lines include a premier collection of Madarozzo bags, retro-styled HÉRGÉT bags, and rock ''n'' roll styled LØRZ bags.

New York, NY (May 29, 2012) – Martin Ritter has launched his new and improved premier collection of Madarozzo Gig Bags. All grades MadEssential, MadElegant, MadEdu, MadElite and MadEnergetic benefit from a fresh, new premier look and top quality construction.

Designed from scratch, the Madarozzo 2012 Gig Bag Couture now comprises a staggering 250 different products available in a variety of designs, feature sets, price points and colours to fit all musicians’ needs and budgets.

These include bags that will fit everything from soprano ukulele, concert ukulele and banjo to all standard acoustic and electric guitar shapes.

Madarozzo also manufacturers bags for acoustic bass, V-shaped electric guitars, and semi-acoustic guitars along with headless and super-size jumbos, as well as bags for more unusual shapes. Players wanting to transport more than one guitar are also covered with bags that accommodate two electric guitars or two electric basses.

All bags, which offer headstock, bridge and endpin protection zones are made from luggage grade Polyester and feature soft, non-scratch lining.

Other features include a luxury padded handle and mobile phone pouch, while some offer a professional backpack system, anti-wear base protector panels and up to 40mm ultra thick padding.

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The HÉRGÉT range is an exciting top-of-the-range collection of British designed musical instrument bags that offer a stunning fusion of retro-fashion design, functionality, top quality instrument protection and versatility.

Benefitting from a new, exciting retro-fashion look, incorporating leatherette applications with professional backpack system and waist strap, the range offers a detachable MP3/cell phone pouch, reflective safety strips and bindings, all round super-jumbo piping, along with ample of storage space. Other features are an anti-wear base protector panel with added diamond bumpers, polyester bridge and headstock protectors, polyester end-pin protection, large neck positioned pedal pouch, large A4 music pouch, and additional front accessory pocket with a high density padded lap-top pouch.

Made from luggage grade 1680D Polyester, the HÉRGÉT range is offered in Black and Olive Green, and features 40mm ultra thick padding and soft non-scratch lining.

The HÉRGÉT range is available for classical guitar, dreadnought guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and a universal fit for banjo.

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The LØRZ gig bag range is a cool, Rock'n'Roll collection of British designed musical instrument bags that offer a stunning fusion of fashion design, functionality, quality, and instrument protection.

The LØRZ Gig Bag range, which Martin Ritter has designed from the ground up, comprises a small range of 6 different models, all of which are available in 'Tartan Look' and 'Quilted Look'. These include shaped gig bags that will fit classical guitars, dreadnought guitars, electric guitars and bass guitars, along with wedge shaped bags for electric and bass guitars with more unusual shapes.

All bags, which offer headstock, bridge and endpin protection zones, are made from quality luggage grade Polyester. Other features include a luxury padded handle and mobile phone pouch, as well as a comfortable backpack and ample of storage.

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Can a bona fide funk guru help design a better Klone?

Wide range of gain. Very useful EQ.

Doesn’t do the Klon clean boost as well as original.


Jackson Audio The Optimist


Jackson Audio’s pedal collaboration with modern funk hero Cory Wong could have taken a few different paths. Considering Wong’s style, a compressor would have been an obvious choice. Instead, the Optimist is a dual overdrive that builds on a Klon-inspired baseline, adds a second overdrive, and has a clever EQ to create a super-flexible overdrive. Named after Wong’s second album, The Optimist suits Wong’s exuberant and fun-loving personality. But it also describes the way you might approach a gig with this pedal in hand. Together, the two separate overdrives and active EQ give you enough tones to cover almost any gig this side of Slayer cover band.

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