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Mesa/Boogie Releases the CabClone IR and CabClone IR Plus

The CabClone IR gives users instant access to 16 IR cabinet simulations and an on-board reactive speaker load.

Petaluma, CA (November 21, 2019) -- MESA/Boogie announces the addition of the CabClone IR and Cabclone IR PLUS Speaker Cabinet Simulators to its growing line of tone management products built in the company’s Petaluma, California shop. MESA reports that their objective for the expanding series is to offer an unprecedented IR guitar cabinet simulation device for tube amplifier users who need the option or prefer to go Direct, in Sessions or Live, with no speaker cabinet, additional load box or microphone necessary. The CabClone IR gives users instant access to 16 IR cabinet simulations within its two banks of eight presets and unlike many IR cab simulators, the CabClone IRs also provide an on-board Reactive Speaker Load for use when a live speaker cabinet is not possible. The addition of a power attenuator differentiates the PLUS version from the CabClone IR.

Both CabClone IRs come pre-loaded with the following 8 MESA cabinets, professionally captured two different ways with a combination of world-renowned ribbon, dynamic and condenser microphones. Cabinets included are the 4x12 Recto Standard, 4x12 Recto Traditional, 2x12 Recto Horizontal, 1x12 Recto, 1x12 Thiele, 2x12 Lone Star, 1x12 Lone Star 23 all featuring MESA’s proprietary UK-Made Celestion speakers and the new 1X12 California Tweed 23 featuring the Jensen 100-Watt Alnico “Blackbird” speaker. Along with the 16 MESA Factory supplied IR Cabinet Simulations, each device includes ample storage for users to download and save their own library of third-party IRs within the CabClone IR’s memory, which can then be dragged into any of the PRESET locations to replace the Factory sounds.

The CabClone IR PLUS features a built-in power attenuator which gives users the option to dial in their favorite, or venue-appropriate, amp power level to achieve the perfect sound and feel at lower volume to pair with the on-board IR Cab Simulation of choice. Four power reduction settings and a – 0dB/Bypass offers a wide range of power control for a tube amplifier with the lowest setting, -16dB, providing a rheostat dial to control volume in increments all the way down to silent/off.

“Your favorite MESA, or any amplifier, coupled with the CabClone IR means newfound flexibility with grab and go portability, convenience and ultimate control through isolation of your preferred sounds. The result is the ultimate next generation Tone Machine. You now have the ability to go direct silently or with your cab, for recording, stage or headphone practicing with instant access to 16 iconic MESA cabinets mic’d two ways in a professional environment. It really doesn’t get any better in terms of having your perfect tube tone, consistent from venue to venue…A wide array of your favorite cab sounds all in one small box that drops neatly into your gear bag!” said Doug West, Director of Marketing at MESA/Boogie.

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