A customized version of their 1955 model with new electronic modifications and Lindy Fralin pickups.

Hebron, KY (October 23, 2015) -- Michael Kelly Guitars unveils the new Mod Shop 55. This guitar is a customized version of their top selling 1955 model with new electronic modifications and Lindy Fralin pickups. All Mod Shop 55’s are built to order and are only available online at michaelkellyguitars.com.

No one knows Michael Kelly Guitars better than Michael Kelly. So they’ve taken it upon themselves to investigate even more ways to hot rod an already tricked out guitar. For the first model from the Mod Shop, Michael Kelly team selected Lindy Fralin pickups. In the bridge position, the hand wound Pure PAF uses ALNICO II magnets to soften the treble and smooth the grind resulting in brilliant clarity. In the neck position, the hand wound Mini Humbucker is a dual coil, hum-canceling pickup. Rather than Michael Kelly’s traditional “coil-split” feature, a “partial-tap” was applied with a Great 8 wiring mod that cuts the output of one coil by 50% when activating the push-pull switch on either of the control knobs (volume and tone). This makes for less of an overall volume drop when splitting each pickup for a single coil tone.

The Mod Shop 55 features a quilt maple top, a swamp ash body, genuine flame maple bindings, and bolt on construction with finishes in amber trans, black wash, caramel burst, and rich brown. The neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard on the caramel burst and rich brown finishes, and a maple fretboard on the amber trans and black wash finishes. The fretboard features a compound 10.5” to 16” radius, a scale length of 25.5”, 22 frets, dot inlays, and is topped off with a 43mm standard bone nut and a 1950 headstock. Hardware includes die cast tuning keys and a T-style bridge with a chrome finish.

The “Boutique Within Reach” approach to Michael Kelly Guitars continues to evolve. The Mod Shop 55 is only the first in what looks to be a long string of future versions based off of stock models. In development right now are Mod Shop variations with partners including Bare Knuckles, Rockfield, Fishman, Mojo Tone, and TV Jones with even more to come.

$699 MSRP

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