Mile End Effects Introduces the MTHRFCKR=RPTR Cassette Tape Delay/Preamp

A low-fidelity tape delay based on the sound of a malfunctioning capstan motor.

Montreal, Quebec (November 4, 2020) -- Riding the coattails of the successful and well loved Ronald Pre Amp 150, Mile End Effects is thrilled for the release of a new effect affectionately named MTHRFCKR=RPTR. This effect is the result of our obsession in emulating a low-fidelity tape delay. At its core, it is aimed at capturing the beautifully haunted artifacts found in poor quality or degraded magnetic tape and dedicated to the unstable mechanical nuances of a malfunctioning capstan motor. Random, non-cyclical LFO modulation is what mimics the very inconsistent modulation of physical tape being pushed across magnetic heads by a DC motor. The MTHRFCKR=RPTR evokes something that can’t help but make you feel as though suddenly you have caught a rare glimpse into the very intimate lives of complete strangers from the past. As if you have unearthed a box of family photographs or film reels labeled “Summer Vacation 1962” in the back of an estate sale.


  • Random, Non-Cyclical LFO Modulation in sine or square waveforms
  • LFO Depth and Speed controls for sounds anywhere from fluttering, poorly tracked VHS tape to a slow, seasick warped vinyl record
  • “Cassette Tape” PreAmp, offering up to a 24dB boost into fuzzy, blown-out saturation
  • Direct or Effect only signal switching for added flexibility for in studio and live situations
  • High quality components and construction, handmade with love in Montreal.
  • Optional True Bypass or Buffered switching

The MTHRFCKR=RPTR can be purchased directly at for $320 CDN and ships worldwide.

For more information:
Mile End Effects

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