Mission Engineering Announces the 529 USB Power Converter

The 529 takes a 5V USB input and converts it to 9V pedal power ports.

Petaluma, CA (November 7, 2017) -- 9V DC from a disposable PP3 (6LR61) battery or an external 9V power supply has been the de facto standard for guitar effects pedals pretty much since they were first invented. In the meantime, the rest of the world has moved on, and most of our other portable devices these days are powered via USB. Since USB is so popular and pervasive, there is a huge choice of different wall chargers, batteries, and other USB power ports, with a wide range of features and price points. To some extent it would just be easier if we could power effects pedals from USB.

That was the thinking behind the Mission 529. The 529 takes a 5V USB input and converts it to 9V pedal power ports. There are four isolated 150mA outputs for powering conventional effects pedals plus a 500mA high power output for those devices with higher current requirements. The USB input can be almost any type of USB power device. A USB wall charger such as you use with your phone or tablet will work fine, and there is one included with the 529.

The kicker though, is that you can also use a USB rechargeable battery pack. Almost any off the shelf USB battery pack will work. Smaller 1A packs will be enough for a few pedals. 2.1A packs will allow you to use more plus those with higher current demands such as some digital pedals. If you need more than the 5 outputs, you can chain two 529 units together and use them with a 2.1A USB power source to power up to 10 pedals.

$149 Retail

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