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Mogami Introduces the Overdrive Cable

Mogami Introduces the Overdrive Cable

The cables contain no electronics, just pure copper.

El Segundo, CA (January 20, 2015) -- Mogami Platinum guitar cable is recognized as being among the finest instrument cables on the planet, exhibiting extraordinarily neutral, extended, and detailed sound from any instrument. Now Mogami has added a ruggedized Platinum cable series to meet the unique demands of electric guitarists. The new Overdrive Series includes guitar cables and speaker cable, designed to work separately or together with synergistic results.

Mogami Platinum guitar cables were originally designed for studio and careful stage use. This means, for the extra active musician or those with abusive roadies, premature breakage can sometimes occur. To give guitarists the sound with the durability they need on stage, Mogami developed the Overdrive Series.

Mogami Overdrive Cable, while being more rugged, also reveals even more of the sense of raw drive and dynamics that made Platinum so popular. For tone purists who make the most of the stage, this is your cable.

Overdrive Cables contain no electronics, just pure copper. Following the guiding principal of Mogami cable, these cables are constructed to deliver the original sound of the instrument with no coloration. Through careful testing and refinement, Mogami has tailored these cables specifically to the needs of demanding guitarists.

Complementing the Overdrive Platinum Guitar Cables are speaker cables designed for sonic synergy, yielding even more midrange energy and punch. Overdrive Speaker Cables and Overdrive Platinum Cables work well independently of one another, but the combination ensures maximum, uninhibited performance from both.

Mogami Overdrive Platinum and Speaker Cables are available now in all popular lengths. See the new cable at NAMM at booth 6690.

Prices start at $124.95 for a 12’ guitar cable.

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