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Mooer Releases Three Micro Preamp Pedals

The new additions aim to cop tones that range from dark, high-gain crunch to California sparkle, and more.

Mooer Audio

Shenzhen, China (August 23, 2018) -- Mooer have just announced three new additions to their ever-expanding range of dual-channel micro preamp pedals. These mighty miniatures have been taking pedalboards by storm across the globe. Providing guitarists with an affordable and convenient way of attaining the tones of their favorite tube amps. Mooer's latest addition to the series holds host to a high gain monster, a session players favourite and a great all-rounder.

016 – Phoenix – Soaring from the flames, the Mooer Phoenix is a homage to modern, German-designed metal amps. Punchy, dark lower mids, tight low end and gain on tap. The clean channel goes from crystal clear to cripsy crunch. The gain channel provides everything from fat Rock rhythms and heavy metal riffs to searing lead lines. Ideal for modern, high-gain lovers.

017- Cali Mk IV – The ultimate in compact and versatile Californian combos comes to the Mooer Micro Preamp range. Cali Mk IV re-creates two channels from one of the most famous modern-day session player combos. The clean channel is shimmering and bouncy, the gain channel can achieve purring blues tones, grinding crunch and soaring lead sounds.

018- Custom 100 - The Custom 100 is modelled on a 100-watt, plexi based, boutique signature amp. The dual channels span a wide range of EQ and gain settings which make this Micro Preamp incredibly versatile. The clean channel can achieve both F-style American shimmer and UK style warmth. The drive channel is distinctly classic British with a modern twist that provides a huge gain range. A great all-rounder.

Key features:

  • Dual channels with independent gain, volume and EQ.
  • Dual footswitch modes for regular on/off or A/B channel switching.
  • Optional built in cab sim for going direct to the PA or straight into your audio interface for recording

Micro Preamps 016–018 will be available from official Mooer dealers and distributors worldwide at a street price of around $99 USD each.

Watch the company's video demo:

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