A fully featured delay box, a standalone octave, and a two-stage dirt machine.

Nashville, TN (July 19, 2019) -- Mythos Pedals is proud to announce the release of the Oracle Echo Machine, Argonaut Octave, and Typhon Dual Drive. The Oracle is a marriage of classic analog echo pedals and tape echo units in a digital player friendly package.

Featuring modulation, build in tape echo preamp, tone controls for the repeats and sub division control this compact delay offers all the features but none of the frills.

The Argonaut is the little brother to the Mythos Argo Octave fuzz. The Argonaut is a mini octave up pedal, alone it’s a gnarly ring mod-esque sound but paired with your favorite drive or fuzz you get classic 60s octave tones.

Lastly the Typhon Dual Drive is a Wildwood Guitars exclusive. This dual overdrive featured a modified version of the Herculean V2 and another fantastic op amp based circuit that allows you to have an mid forward sound or a more open flat sounding drive that you. There is a ton of tonal combinations in each sides 3 controls and it plays nicely with every amp we’ve thrown at it.

The release date and price for the Oracle is TBA, The Argonaut will retail for $119 and be available through all Mythos Pedals dealers and the Typhon will retail for $249 and be exclusive to Wildwood Guitars (Louisville, Co).

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