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Former Whitesnake Guitarist Bernie Marsden Dies at 72

Marsden and Moody Whitesnake

Bernie Marsden (front) and Mick Moody—Whitesnake’s guitar tag team

Photo by Andrew King - Creative Commons

Bernie Marsden, the gifted guitarist known for his contributions to rock and blues, has passed away at 72. According to a statement by his family, Marsden died peacefully on Thursday evening with his wife, Fran, and daughters, Charlotte and Olivia, by his side.

Marsden co-founded Whitesnake, a rock band that became famous for hits like "Here I Go Again" and "Fool for Your Loving." His exceptional guitar skills and songwriting talents were central to the band's success.

Aside from his Whitesnake days, Marsden pursued solo projects and collaborated with various artists. He went on to form Alaska with Robert Hawthorne on vocals and Richard Bailey on keyboards. He had a long string of solo albums that stretched from 1979's And About Time Too! to 2022's Trios, which featured his most identifiable guitar, a 1959 Gibson Les Paul dubbed "The Beast."

Marsden's guitar playing was known for its emotional depth, resonating with listeners on a personal level. His music was a testament to the experiences of life, capturing themes of love and loss.

His impact went beyond his guitar skills; Marsden was known for his approachable demeanor and genuine connection with his fans. He will be remembered not only for his musical contributions but also for his generosity and passion.