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CopperSound Announces Revamped Telegraph Pedal

CopperSound Announces Revamped Telegraph Pedal

Retaining aspects of the original design, Telegraph V2 has been updated and adorned with all-metal hardware.

CopperSound has designed a brand new Active circuit from the ground up, featuring new modes and parameters effectively impossible to attain on the original Stutter. In addition to the classic Kill and Activate modes, we are excited to present: Burst mode! Burst mode is an automatic, tremolo-like stutter, adjustable from 110 bpm to an astonishingly fast rate, set by the Burst Knob. In Burst mode, the effect can either be latched (with a quick press of the key) or momentary when the key is held. For the player that would prefer to only have momentary mode, we provide an internal dipswitch to turn off the latching feature.

Additionally - emulating aspects of the original Kill and Activate modes - the “Polarity” toggle on the side of the enclosure further enhances the possibilities of Burst mode. When Polarity is set to “Kill”, your clean signal will pass through until the key is pressed(engaging Burst). When set to “Activate”, no audio will be heard until the key is pressed, allowing for controlled bursts of sound! The rate of Burst mode can also be controlled externally by an expression pedal or synced to a CV clock source to match the tempo. This is a crucial feature for matching a given BPM in the studio or playing to a click track.


  • 9V - 2.1mm x 5.5mm Center Negative | 60mA consumption
  • In/Out: 1⁄4” Instrument Cable
  • EXP: 1⁄4” TRS Cable
  • CV: 1⁄4” Instrument cable
  • Smart BypassTM Equipped


  • ​The ultimate killswitch & stutter system
  • Three different modes - Kill, Activate, and Burst (automatic)
  • Expression pedal (≤ 10K recommended) and CV speed control via CTRL jack
  • Latching and momentary options
  • Polarity switch to assign Burst mode operation
  • Bi-color LED knob indicates speed and status
  • Power-free, limited passive operation
  • Fail-safe bypass if disconnected from power
  • All-metal, proprietary hardware for rugged foot and hand operation
  • Available in 6 finishes: Carolina Copper, Gotham Grey, Sierra Blue, Alpine White, Army Green, and Romeo Red

Telegraph V2 Autostutter & Killswitch | CopperSound Pedals

MSRP: $249

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