Riversong Guitars Launches the Glennwood TS6 Acoustic Electric

Built in Canada, the Glennwood TS6 Acoustic Electric is a workhorse guitar with a patented Neck-thru adjustable neck system.

The Glennwood TS6 features solid Wild Cherry back and sides and a top made with torrified (aged) Sitka Spruce. This torrification utilizes their proprietary deep baking process that delivers a balanced and articulate blend of top-end brightness, midrange fullness, low-end warmth, that accommodates an array of playing styles with fantastic harmonics and clarity of tone. Riversong guitars' patented Neck-thru adjustable neck system allows for less bracing and the ability to adjust intonation and string height with an easy twist of an Allen key.

The Riversong exclusive patent pending Double Reaction bridge conducts sound to the top and under bridge plate simultaneously increasing overall volume by 10%. The Double Reaction bridge has a balanced mass, encouraging increased resonant vibration. On this guitar, the Double Reaction bridge is made using a special process with carbon fiber. The Glennwood TS6 Acoustic Electric Guitar includes the Fishman Flex System, a Top of the line preamp and pick up solution that delivers an amazing balanced tone.

The Glennwood TS6 is priced at $1999 USD and can be purchased directly at riversongguitars.com with free worldwide shipping. Through their partner Klarna, Riversong Guitars offers 0% interest on any guitar.

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