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Nordstrand Pickups Releases Alnico III Bass Pickups

Nordstrand Pickups Releases Alnico III Bass Pickups

A sweeter, more organic tone that's available in a variety of models.

Redlands, CA (February 11, 2015) -- Following the incredible reception of the Alnico III NVT Tele pickup set, Nordstrand Pickups has decided to expand the use of Alnico III into a full line of bass pickups. Extensive testing has revealed alnico III to be a fantastic magnet for bass pickups - it's sweeter, more organic, and has a depth and richness that is beguiling and engaging. These characteristics reveal themselves even more when the pickup is pushed to the edge and played hard.

The following pickup models are now available in AlNiCo III:

  • NJ4, NJ5, NJ6
  • NP4, NP4v, NP5, NP5v, NP5F, all 51P configurations
  • Big Singles, BigMan
  • Dual Coils

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