OD Guitars Unveils the Minerva

A headless design aimed at the progressive-metal set.

Israel (September 10, 2018) -- Offering a line of models for djent and progressive metal players, OD Guitars designs the new age of extended-range guitars.

Among five different models, the Minerva is a headless guitar designed for perfect ergonomics and playing comfortability alongside with OD's natural geometric cavities for the right tone, balance, and weight.

High demand of the brand's fans and Omer's own challenge of designing a headless guitar brought a new instrument to life. The new model is lightweight, comfortable in all playing positions, and follows the OD's design guidelines.


  • A multiscale design for 6,7, and 8 strings
  • Bare Knuckle humbuckers
  • ABM hardware with options for upgrades
  • Natural geometric chambering
  • Exotic tops and inlays options.
  • Lightweight natural dried and stabilized woods.

The Minerva model base price is: $3,500 USD

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