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Ohm Made Electronics Announces the Fuzz Out!

Ohm Made Electronics Announces the Fuzz Out!

The pedals goes rom a mild, fuzzy overdrive to a thick, harmonic sustain.

Leavenworth, WA (November 10, 2015) -- Ohm Made Electronics launches new brand and introduces first fuzz pedal in a series of vintage-inspired guitar effects and amplifiers. The Fuzz Out! keeps things simple with just one knob. You want less fuzz, dial it back. You want more fuzz, turn it up. A highly interactive circuit allows the Fuzz Out! to play well with other pedals, such as treble boosters, buffered pedals, and Wah-Wahs.

Heavy signal clipping and compression make for great studio recording tones, while the rugged design and construction help keep the Fuzz Out! road-worthy for years to come. A perfect balance of internal wet and dry layering provides for the musician’s signature tone to shine through, without masking any of the original flavor. From a mild fuzzy overdrive, to a thick harmonic sustain, the Ohm Made Electronics Fuzz Out! offers a unique fuzz tone at an affordable price.


  • Handmade in Leavenworth, WA
  • Turret Board Circuit (No PCB)
  • True Bypass using Fulltone 3PDT switch
  • PEC Potentiometers
  • Switchcraft Jacks
  • Hammond Enclosure
  • 1/2-watt Vishay Metal Film Resistors
  • CDE Polyester 250v Capacitors

$175 MSRP

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