On-Stage Cases have released seven new specialized hardshell variations to join the catalog of universal cases, gig bags, and polyfoam models.

Berlin, CT (March 7, 2013) -- 2013 marks a major expansion in instrument case offerings from On-Stage. Seven new specialized hardshell variations join the catalog of universal cases, gig bags, and polyfoam models. Each new model is custom-fit to its intended instrument, providing snug protection and handling ease at a remarkable price.

The GCA5600B Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case incorporates all the features of our best-selling acoustic hardshells, but is upsized to accommodate the unique size and shape of jumbos. Features include a plush lined interior, cradling neck support, gold hardware, and a deep interior accessory compartment. List: $159.99, MAP: $99.95

The new GCFV7000 V-Shaped Electric Guitar Case is sized to fit the massive dimensions of “Flying V” style guitars. Its hardshell exterior and plush interior protect every pointy edge of these wild instruments. Two-point neck support, chrome hardware, and a large interior accessory compartment round out this specialized case. List: $179.99, MAP: $109.95

Like the Flying-V case above, plus our successful Les Paul-style (GCLP7000) and SG-style (GCSG7000) cases, the GCES7000 ES-335 Electric Guitar Case is custom-fit to protect its intended instrument. A full hardshell exterior, molded plush-lined interior, and vital neck support protect ES-335 style semi-hollow guitars during storage and transport. An interior compartment makes for easy storage of picks, straps, spare strings, tuners or other accessories. List: $159.99, MAP: $99.95

Little instruments need protection too! GCU4000 Series Ukulele Cases feature molded hardshell forms, water resistant vinyl leather exteriors, gold hardware, and locking clasps. Available in Soprano (GCU4003), Concert (GCU4004), Tenor (GCU4002), and Baritone (GCU4001) sizes. List: $79.00, MAP: $49.95 (All models)

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