An ergonomic design that comes in 6-, 7-, and 8-string flavors.

Perth, Western Australia (January 19, 2018) -- The Goliath GTR is built for the modern guitarist who wants a road- and studio-worthy instrument loaded with features. Most notably it has a headless design that reduces the weight and length of the guitar, making it perfect for travelling with, and is complemented with body contours that flow naturally with however you play. Further underpinning these modern elements is our Multiscale fret system as standard for improved ergonomics and intonation, and a chambered body that adds a pleasant midrange, weight relief, and acoustic resonance. No matter your style or genre the Goliath GTR has the tones and playability you desire.

Goliath GTR highlights include:

  • Custom headless hardware for reduced mass and length
  • Multiscale fretboard for improved ergonomics and intonation
  • A world of finishes including classic Ormsby copper
  • Custom Hipshot USA hardware
  • Chambered bodies for weight-relief and added resonance
  • Stainless steel frets and quality custom gig bag to keep you playing for years to come

Street prices starting from: $1,295 USD 6-string / $1,345 USD 7-string / $1,399 USD 8-string

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