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Ortega Guitars Announces the QUANTUMloop

It's part looper, part digital percussion pedal and features over 20 built-in samples.

Gutenstetten, Germany (July 17, 2018) -- Ortega Guitars unveils the QUANTUMloop instrument looper pedal with built-in multi-digital percussion stomp box. It also features 16 factory samples and four customizable user sample slots.

The Ortega Guitars Stomp Box collection are great tools for guitarists, singers/songwriters and street performers wanting to add a percussive element to any performance. Our new QUANTUMloop combines an instrument looper with a multi-digital percussion stomp box built in an aesthetically attractive solid mahogany design. With up to 20 built-in samples you can easily overdub percussive textures to any guitar/instrument loop live. Lose yourself in the possibilities.

QUANTUMloop Features:

  • Looper Pedal with Built-in Drum & Percussion Samples and Trigger Surface
  • Loop length: Up to 5 Minutes w/ Unlimited Number of Overdubs
  • 16 pre-installed Percussion Samples Between Two Banks – A & B
  • 4 User Slots for Custom Samples Via USB
  • Software for Uploads & Erase (free online download) – Mac & Windows
  • Solid Mahogany Wood Housing w/ Comfortable Ergonomic Design
  • Non-slip Bottom & Removable Foot Rest for Trigger Surface
  • In & Out ¼” Jack – True Discrete Pass-Though for Your Instrument
  • Trigger Input, Instrument Input and Seamless Looper Volume Control
  • Instrument Output, Dynamic Velocity On/Off Switch and Seamless Trigger Volume Control for Samples on Banks A & B
  • Includes 9V Power Supply

QUANTUMloop has a street price of $299.99 and for maximum performance add the QUANTUMexp trigger pedal for real time access to bank B w/ a street price of $69.99

Watch the company's video demo:

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