Oxygen Amps Launches Ozone Series

The new Canadian line is available in both head and combo formats.

Vancouver, Canada (December 25, 2013) -- Oxygen Audio is pleased to announce the launch of our versatile 18 Watt product line (head, 1x12 combo, 2x12 combo and ext cabs) known as the Ozone Series. The amps utilize a proprietary ground plane circuit design which results in the "quietest" amp possible completely free of unwanted "noise". Instead of using eyelet or turret boards like most amps, which introduce unwanted impedances into the grounding design, we utilize a copper ground plane to effectively eliminate feedback and ghost notes.


  • Proprietary ground plane circuit design delivering the “quietest” amp in the industry completely free of “unwanted noise”
  • 3rd Generation London Power Scaling providing a 40dB dynamic range without losing the saturation, gain and even-order harmonics that characterize the amp at higher outputs
  • 5879 tubes in the Cream Channel – exceptionally rich tone and consistent quality without the annoying microphonics of EF86s
  • 18W output, all tube (5879, 3 x 12AX7, 2 x EL84, 5AR4) , hand-built, point-to-point construction
  • Two channels: Cream and Clean/Boost with footswitchable boost control adding an extra 12AX7
  • Available in head, 1x12 and 2x12 combo and extension cabs featuring Scumback speakers

All Oxygen products are built in the company’s Vancouver, Canada home. Suggested retail price is $2150 (head), $2450 (1x12 combo), $2750 (2x12 combo), $790 (2x12 ext cab) and $1190 (4x12 ext cab).

In addition to this impressive lineup, we also hope to debut our 36 Watt Amplifier offering at the 2014 NAMM Show. Stay tuned for more exciting news and be sure to visit us at booth 1273 at NAMM.

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