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PedalSnake Announces Vari-Chain Power System for Pedals

PedalSnake recently announced an addition to their product line—the VariChain System.

Raleigh, NC (June 6, 2013) -- PedalSnake recently announced an addition to their  product line—the VariChain System, a novel, first-of-its-kind power chain cable, and a valuable addition to PedalSnake’s power management products for effects pedals.

The value of the Vari-Chain System is that it solves two problems that have bedeviled guitarists for years:

  • Configurable Length is important because it eliminates unused power plugs, which can short out a pedalboard system—causing a sudden loss of power in mid-gig. Vari-Chain eliminates this risk by configuring to power a specific number of pedals.
  • Right-Angle Plugs save space on pedalboards, but are not ideal when plugging multiple power chain cable together.The resulting right angle “corner” at the junction inhibits threading power throughout the pedalboard.
Vari-Chain solves both of these problems. First, it offers three novel cables. A 2x, 3x, and 5x can be plugged together in any combination to power the desired number of pedals.

What about the right-angle problem? Jody Page, inventor and president of PedalSnake saving space with right angle plugs, and Vari-Chain removes the sharp corner that results when one mates to a right angle plug. We do this by making the last plug on each Vari-Chain cable straight, so adding to chains becomes seamless.”

But what about the last straight plug in the chain? Page says, “This is the key! Once Vari-Chain reaches the desired length, the last straight plug is capped off with PedalSnake’s 21RAA, the world’s first (and only) power plug adapter that converts a straight power plug to right angle. This little guy is valuable whether one uses VariChain or not.”

Vari-Chain is just the latest addition to PedalSnake’s already stellar offering of power management products for pedals. The centerpiece is their 9VDC SnakePOWER supply. “Few players realize,” says Page, “that standard wall warts, when used properly, have always been the best solution, because they are both super-quiet and affordable. Being true, ground-isolated Class 2 Transformers, they can be a bit bulkier, but this is a small price to pay for quiet ground-isolation.” The problem is that transformer-based supplies are typically rated 200mA or less, good for powering only 4-6 ‘9V battery type’ pedals. Page says “SnakePOWER beefs this up to 500mA, powering a dozen or more, and Vari-Chain becomes a very nice companion. This combination also leverages our Power Plug Adapters, which are the best around for adding pedals with bastard power connectors to power chains.”

Vari-Chain Systems start at MSRP $13.00

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