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Peterson Tuners Upgrades the StroboClip HD

Peterson Tuners Upgrades the StroboClip HD

The updated LCD technology provides nearly twice the screen pixel resolution over its predecessor.

Alsip, IL (June 14, 2017) -- Peterson Strobe Tuners, a leader in professional tuning equipment, has released the next generation of its clip-on series tuner, the StroboClip HD. Like the previous model, the StroboClip HD will clip-on to any stringed, woodwind, or brass instrument and include Peterson's unrivaled tuning resolution of .01 cent (1/1000th of a semitone). The updated LCD technology of the StroboClip HD provides nearly twice the screen pixel resolution over its predecessor providing very smooth tuning action while still maintaining its real-time response which allows users to instantly view even the smallest changes in pitch of their instrument. The bright and informative display coupled with its high resolution is instrumental in conveying the extreme tuning accuracy of the StroboClip HD's tuning algorithms to the user.

The StroboClip has a "stealth" matte black design and is constructed of high-impact material for reliability on the road. Increased battery life on the StroboClip HD provides users with over 20 hours of consistent tuning time using a single, standard CR2032 battery. The custom designed clip allows quick attachment to a variety of locations on any instrument and the included 50 proprietary Sweetened Tuning™ presets can help correct inherent tuning issues exhibited by many instruments. The StroboClip HD will also support Peterson's exclusive Peterson Connect online utility where users can connect via USB to update the latest firmware or create a custom configuration if desired.

“We are always looking to leverage advancements in technology and production techniques to help offer our strobe tuning products at affordable prices,"" says Patrick Bovenizer, Vice President of Peterson. "The feature-rich StroboClip HD is just our latest representation of excellence through innovation and we hope the StroboClip HD's lower price point will appeal to many first-time strobe tuning users.

The street price of StroboClip HD is $59.99 and it will begin shipping in June.

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