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Pettyjohn Electronics Unleashes the Filter

Their sixth offering their Foundry Series draws inspiration from several iconic equalizer circuits found in vintage, analog recording consoles.

Albany, OR (November 22, 2017) -- The Pettyjohn FILTER is the sixth offering in our single pedal format, The Foundry Series. It The FILTER features three, semi-parametric analog filter bands, voiced to serve a guitarist’s tone shaping needs. It is built with top shelf components, just like the rest of the Foundry Series pedals, so it retains the highest audiophile level performance while delivering highly musical, yet transparent EQ that will satisfy the most discerning guitarist.

The FILTER is a simple but powerful semi-parametric guitar equalizer featuring three individual bands to cover the range of a guitar effectively. The circuit has been carefully designed with high headroom for low noise, low distortion performance, while offering up to 12dB of boost OR cut with the ultra transparency and musicality of an analog recording console EQ.

Our first round of FILTER shipments have already shipped to dealers and our second round to dealers are currently in production. Most dealers are stocked up, but will sell out soon! Please get your orders in now as our current lead time on all FILTER orders are 2 weeks and filled on a First-To-Order basis.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership and support of Pettyjohn Electronics. We value you as our customer and always aim to exceed expectations! If you're willing to do so, please share with your friends and comrads!

Street price: $229.00

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