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Pigtronix Launches Trio of New Micro Pedals

The new pedals include the Gatekeeper Micro, Class A Boost Micro, and the all-new Octava Micro.


Port Jefferson Station, NY (November 29, 2017) -- Pigtronix continues a campaign of meticulous miniaturization with the launch of the Gatekeeper Micro (noise gate), Class A Boost Micro (clean boost), and all-new Octava Micro (octave up + drive + fuzz).

Class A Boost Micro ($89) will fatten up and boost anything you feed it. This deceptively simple design uses discreet J-FET transistors in a single-ended “Class A” configuration to achieve the warmest possible tone. The Class A Boost can deliver up to 20db of clean boost to both instrument and line-level signals, with superior signal-to-noise performance that allows for placement anywhere in your pedal chain. It can add punch and extra output to a classic overdrive sound and is able to push distortion pedals into extremely aggressive crunch land. Class A Boost is also ideal for hitting the front end of a tube amp to achieve an added layer of sweetness and fat tone.

Gatekeeper Micro ($99.99) is a lightning-fast, studio-quality noise gate that locks out all unwanted noise from any rig. The Gatekeeper Micro provides 100% attenuation with unprecedented response time, making it the most useful and effective noise gate pedal on the market. Ultra-high-speed J-FET circuitry completely eliminates hum, hiss, buzz and any other non-musical sounds from your signal path. The wide-range threshold control combines with superior headroom to deliver smooth transient response and warp-speed time constants previously available only in rackmount, studio-oriented noise gates. These extreme performance characteristics allow for musical gating even under the most punishing demands of high-speed metal. The release time knob allows the user to control how long it takes the gate to slam closed. Mercilessly cutting out any and all sounds you don’t want to hear at the very instant you stop playing, the Gatekeeper Micro will allow players to crank up the volume without fear of hearing the annoying 60-cycle hum or white noise that plagues most high-gain rigs.

Octava Micro ($119.99) is an expanded version of the octave up found in the original Pigtronix Disnortion pedal. This all-analog frequency doubler has an on-board low pass filter that allows you to achieve singing octave-up tones, anywhere on the neck, without adjusting your guitar’s tone control. Playing stable intervals such as octaves, 4ths and power chords results in gnarly, tweezed-out grind, while other intervals create ring-modulator textures in all registers. Drive, Blend and Fuzz controls have been added to the original 2-knob design for added signal power and overall flexibility. The front-end Drive circuit allows musicians to tailor the harmonic response of the octave circuitry to suit any set of pickups. The octave up is wired in series before a Fuzz circuit, which can be activated by a push button switch to produce the devastating, full-wave rectified distortion found in the original, large-format unit. The entire drive/octave/fuzz effect can then be mixed to taste with the original clean signal using the Blend control.

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