Positive Grid Unveils the BIAS Rack

A rackmountable, travel-ready version of the BIAS Head amplifier.

San Diego, CA (August 1, 2016) -- Positive Grid, creator of the best selling BIAS Amp and BIAS FX guitar and effect processors, today announced BIAS Rack, a rackmountable, travel-ready version of the BIAS Head amplifier. With BIAS Rack, guitar and bass players can amp match, amp design, and access BIAS Amp tones and download them directly from the ToneCloud with their mobile device, and put them onto BIAS Rack for professional stage use. With full MIDI capability, BIAS Rack integrates with any existing MIDI setups seamlessly. Early Birds pre-orders ($999) kick off this Monday, August 1st on the Positive Grid home page. Regular retail price will be $1299 with an estimated official release in Q4 2016.

Cross-platform Integration
While the BIAS Head can withstand even the toughest of live and travel environments, it’s important to be able to integrate into existing live and studio setups for musicians of all levels. With a rackmount form factor, Positive Grid is bringing all of the same features as BIAS Head into a more compact, tour ready package, with the most-used features and access points right on the front panel for quick tone dialing and sound management.

Amp Match
BIAS Rack ships with BIAS Amp Pro software for Mac/PC, allowing users to accurately capture any real amp tone in the world, and load it via USB to the rack. Amp Match technology analyzes and compares a selected BIAS amp model with the sound of a target amplifier, cab, and mic. It then executes the tonal compensation and enhancements needed to make an amp model's sound accurately match the target amplifier. BIAS Rack's 600w gives users more headroom and cut in a live situation–all at zero latency.

Amp Design
BIAS Rack integrates seamlessly with BIAS Amp for mobile and desktop. Users can design their custom amps in real time such as change the tube types, select their favorite preamp and power amp configuration, tone stacks, cab and speaker models, load custom impulse responses, and even freely move the microphone placement to design custom amp tones.

BIAS Rack comes with 25 factory presets. When integrated with the included BIAS Amp Pro for Mac/PC, users can open a vast collection of amp tones ready to be downloaded from the ToneCloud, Positive Grid’s tone-sharing platform. There are thousands of amp-match models available in BIAS Amp’s ToneCloud–from tweeds to plexis to rectifiers, and everything in between.

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