Prestige Guitars Releases the Premier Zebrawood

The latest edition features P-90 pickups, TUSQ XL nut, and a solid mahogany body.

Vancouver, BC (October 24, 2016) -- Prestige Guitars Ltd. is proud to announce the official launch of the Premier Zebrawood. The Zebrawood is the latest addition to our Premier Series of guitars, which also includes the Premier Spalt, Premier Burl, and Flame Maple Premier P-90. The Zebrawood features a solid mahogany body with stunning, 3/4" solid carved Zebrawood top. The guitar is finished in natural gloss to show off every inch of gorgeous, unique figuring. The Heritage Premier series is the evolution in our Heritage Series of solid body electrics and the top of the Prestige line.

The Premier Zebrawood boasts a killer combo of solid carved Zebrawood top and natural finish, allowing every inch of gorgeous wood grain to show through. Each Premier Zebrawood features a hand-selected slab of solid, highly figured Zebrawood for its 3/4" carved top. The balance of the body is solid Mahogany. The neck is comprised of three pieces of solid mahogany, with the centre piece reverse-grained, for greater stability. The C-Shaped neck starts with a 1 11/16" TUSQ XL nut and maintains a 14" radius throughout the length. This is topped off with an ebony fingerboard, featuring mother of pearl and abalone fret markers and modern jumbo, Nickel-Silver frets. Standard hardware includes all-gold TonePros locking bridge and saddle and 18:1 Grover Tuners. The Zebrawood will feature a set of Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups, which are an Alnico 2 humbucker, packing tons of focused midrange but with a unique sizzle and growl all their own. The Prestige design team hand selected the Pearly Gates as a near perfect compliment to the natural tone of Zebrawood. The pair creates a perfect balance to cover everything from country and classic rock, to heavy blues and modern rock.


  • 24 3/4" scale length
  • Solid, carved Zebrawood top
  • Solid mahogany body
  • Solid mahogany neck

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