PRS Expands SE Line with New Mira, Starla, Hollowbody, and Custom 24 Models

The six new models include the return of some beloved designs, hollowbody models for the first time in the SE Series, and two new exotic veneer instruments.

Stevensville, MD (October 8, 2019) -- PRS Guitars is pleased to announce the expansion of the PRS SE Series with the introduction of six new models, including the return of some beloved designs, hollowbody models for the first time in the SE Series, and two new exotic veneer instruments.

The full list of introductions is:

  • SE Mira $699
  • SE Starla $699
  • SE Hollowbody Standard $999
  • SE Hollowbody II $1,149
  • SE Custom 24 Poplar Burl $899
  • SE Custom 24 Burled Ash $829

A New Standard: SE Mira and SE Starla Stoptail
The Mira and Starla models have a storied past in the PRS line up, and as two of the newest SE Series models, they look to have a bright future as well. These designs deliberately diverge from the classic PRS profile, offering a retro vibe and captivating voice for players who prefer their rock a little left of center. The pickups in the new SE Mira and SE Starla Stoptail models were selected to provide well-rounded, explosive, punchy tone, and the push/pull tone control brings added versatility. With all-mahogany body construction and pickguard-mounted electronics, the SE Mira and SE Starla Stoptail are two guitars that beg to be played.

“These guitars are beloved by so many of at PRS, it has been rewarding to reinvent them for the SE Series while maintaining their unique personalities that allow them to diversify the lineup.” said Jack Higginbotham, PRS Guitars COO. “From the electronics to the body shapes to the color palette, these two guitars blend attention to detail with a with a no frills attitude that we feel is incredibly appealing.”

Resonance for All: SE Hollowbody Standard and SE Hollowbody II
The PRS Hollowbody has been a perennial favorite since its introduction twenty years ago, and it is sure to keep shining as it joins the SE Series for the first time. With two new models, the SE Hollowbody Standard and the SE Hollowbody II, this family of instruments combines the balanced, clear, resonant tone of a hollowbody instrument with the power and stability of a solid-body electric guitar. The SE Hollowbody Standard features and all-mahogany body for added warmth, and the SE Hollowbody II is constructed with a maple back and top with mahogany sides, offering a light shimmer and snap in an attractive package.

“We could talk about the hours and months it took to bring these instruments to light, but at the end of the day, it’s about picking up a guitar and being pleased and inspired to share your music. That’s the most important thing, and that’s been the consistent reaction from those who have played these guitars. For me, our original Hollowbody is one of my most cherished instruments. Finding a way to bring the essence of that guitar into the SE world has been challenging and rewarding. We think that this grouping of hollwbodies is going to be a powerful and useful tool for all levels of player,” said Higginbotham.

A New Look for a Classic: SE Custom 24 Poplar Burl and Burled Ash
The PRS SE Custom 24 is the quintessential SE guitar, designed to faithfully reflect the PRS model that started it all. The SE Custom 24 Poplar Burl and SE Custom 24 Burled Ash add a distinctive new look while serving up classic PRS playability, reliability, and vibrant tone. These models keeps all of the foundation specifications as the SE Custom 24, including a maple top, mahogany back, Wide Thin maple neck, 24 frets, 25” scale length, the PRS patented molded tremolo, and dual 85/15 “S” pickups with a 3-way blade switch and push/pull tone control for coil tapping. The exotic veneers add a unique, head-turning flair to this gig-ready and studio-sound instrument.

“This is a special time for the SE Series. Not only are we bringing new, inspirational instruments to players, we are revisiting some time-told favorites from the PRS catalog to expand our line up,” said Jack Higginbotham, PRS Guitars COO. “As the SE Series continues to grow in breadth and depth, we look forward to helping you find the instrument within our lineup that helps you share the music inside of you.”

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