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Rajani Amplifiers Releases the VOD-50 Hybrid Guitar Amp

A class AB design that features spring reverb, a Jensen Tornado 100 speaker, and a sturdy pine cabinet.

London, UK (November 18, 2019) -- New boutique amp company Rajani Amplifiers has unveiled the VOD-50 (Valve Overdrive 50 Watts), a high quality, multi-channel guitar amp with spring reverb capable of producing the full spectrum of overdrive tones from clean to classic rock. Available as a head or 1x12 combo and enclosed in a sturdy but lightweight pine cabinet, this amp is perfect for gigging musicians who want an authentic valve sound at stage volume without the weight. And it is equally attractive to studio musicians who want the sound of a cranked valve amp at low volume.


  • All-valve preamp producing triode and pentode harmonics for power tube distortion at low volume.
  • Transparent discrete Class AB solid state power amp with optical compression and custom “clean clipping” technology for a loud 50 Watts — more than enough for any gig.
  • Combo loaded with 12″ neo Jensen Tornado 100 speaker. Total weight only 13.5 kg.
  • Clean and Lead channels with a 6 dB boost on each. Switchable with the included heavy-duty two-button foot switch.
  • Long tank analogue spring reverb voiced to sound great at all gain settings.
  • Serial effects loop with line/instrument level switch.
  • Variable mains voltage selector switch for multi-country operation.
  • Versatile active 2-band Baxandall EQ.

All Rajani Amps are designed, built, and rigorously tested in the company’s London workshop. Combo price: £1,795 (approx USD 2,300). Head price: £1,695 (approx USD 2,180). Exclusively sold direct from 7 day lead time. International shipping available.

Watch the company's video demo:

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