Randall Amplifiers Introduces the KH103 Kirk Hammett Signature Amplifier

The amp features three independent channels and three-stage gain voicing.

Buffalo Grove, Illinois (January 21, 2016) -- Randall Amplifiers is pleased to announce the release of its new Kirk Hammett Signature KH103 Amplifier, the result of its partnership with Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett. Metal is king and the kings of Metal are Metallica and the lead guitar tone behind Metallica and Kirk Hammett is Randall.

For Metal fans, this is it! Grammy Award winner Kirk Hammett's Metallica tone, all in one amplifier, the KH103. It features three independent channels, tone sculpted by (9) 12AX7 and powered by (4) 6L6 pushing 120 watts of tube power. It also offers 3 stage gain voicing, tube driven boost, dual MIDI-switchable master volumes, dual MIDI-switchable series/parallel loops totaling seven MIDI-assignable functions for each channel. Includes a 3 button MIDI footswitch.

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