Randall Introduces Ola Englund Signature Amp and Launches Pedal Line

The Satan amp runs on a pair of 6L6 and a pair of KT88 power tubes.

Buffalo Grove, IL (January 22, 2014) -- Introducing SATAN, Ola Englund’s new signature amplifier from Randall Amplifiers.?

Satan is the result of a two-year collaboration between Ola Englund and Randall Amplifiers. The goal being to create the most brutal and aggressive amplifier Randall has ever built… By bringing together over 20 years of Mike Fortin’s high gain experience as well as Ola Englund’s vast knowledge of modern metal tone…. We believe we achieved our goal of creating the most feared amp on the planet.

SATAN main features:

  • 2 Channel - 4 mode 120 Watt All tube head
  • 6 - 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2-6L6/2-KT88 power tubes
  • Active/Passive inputs
  • preset “kill” boost mode
  • 6irth & 6rind - Low/High Frequency Gain controls
  • Sweep function provides variable tone stack frequency point control
  • Full EQ for both channels
  • Presence/Depth power amp voicing
  • Push/ Pull bias controls
  • Series/Parallel Loop
  • Heavy duty metal front/rear grills, corners, edging
  • 2 Button LED footswitch included
  • The new Randall pedal series continues our tradition of unique designs squarely aimed at the modern metal player. The new series, which includes the FacePunch, MOR, RGOD and the RF8 midi controller, embodies Mike Fortin’s 20+ years of high gain experience into compact, affordable and great sounding pedals.

    FACEPUNCH main features:

    • Overdrive pedal with Punch, Frequency & Smooth functions
    • True bypass
    • Easy access battery compartment
    • Runs on 9v battery or external power

    MOR main features:

    • Clean aggressive one knob boost pedal
    • True bypass
    • Easy access battery compartment
    • Runs on 9v battery or external power.

    RGOD main features:

    • 2 channel FET preamp pedal with Gain1/Gain2 controls
    • Full EQ
    • Bass boost
    • Mid scoop
    • Tone stack shift
    • True bypass
    • Runs on 9v – 15v power supply

    For more information:

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