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Rattlesnake Cable Co. Unveils the Snake Head

Rattlesnake Cable Co. Unveils the Snake Head

The cable comes with premium Neutrik plugs and is available in seven different colors.

Missoula, MT (January 16, 2017) -- With premium components and an emphasis on quality control, Rattlesnake Cable Co.’s Snake Head cables are designed to deliver a cleaner, punchier tone from any guitar/amp rig.

At the core of the Snake Head is oxygen free copper cable, which is milled in the United States to Rattlesnake Cable Co.’s specifications. The result is a capacitance of 20-25pF/foot, allowing the Snake Head to capture a wide range of low and high-end frequencies. Other Snake Head features include:

  • Premium Neutrik plugs
  • 20 AWG center conductor
  • Braided copper shield with 95% coverage
  • A portion of exposed PVC jacket at one plug-end to prevent abrasion on guitar finishes
  • Durable outer poly-weave, available in seven colors
  • Hand-assembled and individually tested in Missoula, Montana

Whether on stage or in the garage, these cables sound great every time you plug-in. From funk to jazz, P&W to metal, Snake Head cables have garnered praise from players, technicians and recording engineers across genres.

“Rattlesnake cables are perfect! After using them on tour for four months, I have had nothing but joy from using them every single night.” –Johnny Docherty of The Twilight Sad

“For years, I was that guy that always grabbed the cheapest instrument cable. I wadded them up, tossed them in a case every night on tour, and couldn’t figure out why they crapped out on me after a few months. This was assuming, of course, that I didn’t leave them behind at a club, lost amidst all the clubs’ similarly black rubber-coated lines. I cursed at them every night when I’d pull the knotty tangle out of my case and I’d curse them again as they curled up on stage and became an obstacle to avoid during the set. It’s an idiot’s epiphany when you realize that cheap stuff sucks. Rattlesnake Cables’ mesh exterior means I never deal with tangles. I never confuse them with the club’s cables. I never deal with loops and snags on stage. And consequently, I’ll never buy a generic cable ever again.” –Brian Cook of Russian Circles

Rattlesnake Cable Co.’s Snake Head is available in 10’ ($55 MSRP), 15’ ($60), and 20’ ($65), with custom lengths available upon request. Poly-weave color options include red, blue, sage, mean green, dirty tweed, copper and black.

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