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Red Witch Pedals Reveals the Fuzz God III

64 different fuzz combos in a simple, feature-packed stomp.

Paekakariki, New Zealand (January 10, 2019) -- Red Witch Ltd. are thrilled to announce their latest offering to the auricular universe, a device containing 64 different fuzz options in one tiny all analog box. A kaleidoscope of fuzz tones covering every flavor a guitarist could ever want.

Has Red Witch built the ultimate Desert Island Fuzz?


Yes they have.

But first, a little history....

In 2006 Red Witch created the Fuzz God I. An angelic germanium delight crafted in chrome.Then, through a process of divine sonic transmogrification, came Fuzz God II, a more outrageous, silicon sibling to Fuzz God I.

But now, the universe demands -the holy trinity must be complete! And we obey!

Red Witch humbly presents the glory, the majesty.... Fuzz God III.

Fuzz God III is possibly the most versatile, compact and affordable high-end fuzz pedal ever made.

The pedal feature scontrols for fuzz, volume and sputter (gating) on the top surface. Inside it has a 6-way DIP switch. The first two DIP switches control gain arrays. DIP Switches 3 to 6 control different tonal structures. Each DIP switch setting results in the fuzz, sputter and volume dials reacting slightly differently.

Red Witch founder Ben Fulton says “I’ve designed a box that, in essence, gives guitarists access to64 analog fuzz pedals in one super compact enclosure. If you want a Fuzz tone –it’s in this box”.

From a subtle break up to the Marshall/ fuzz sadomasochism of Jimi Hendrix at Monterey,from Keef in 1965 to the 21st centuries boldest sonic adventurers,the Fuzz God III delivers it all and everything in between.

The first 100 units have been hand built and signed by Ben Fulton. They’re availableat a very special reduced introductory price of only $129.99. Once these first 100 units have been sold, the regular price of the pedal will be $139.99.


  • An almost limitless number of Fuzz Tones
  • All analog Silicon Fuzz circuit
  • Classic BC109B and BC109C transistors
  • Controls for Fuzz, Volume and Sputter
  • Internal 6 wayDip switch = 64 different gain and tone combinations
  • Super compact enclosure
  • True Bypass
  • Runs only from external 9 Volt DC Supply (no rechargeable battery)

Watch the company's video demo:

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