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Reverend Announces Updated Pete Anderson, Gil Parris, and Rick Vito Signature Models

Reverend Guitars unveils new models, colors, and options.

The new Pete Anderson Signature PA-1 RT features the company's Revtron pickups for more twang, and is
available in three colors:
satin red burst (shown), satin rock orange, and satin metallic emerald.

Nashville, TN (July 11, 2013) -- This spring, Reverend Guitars quietly launched the Warhawk III and the Six-Gun III. The Warhawk III features new body-bevels and a six-in-line headstock, while the Six-Gun III has a sleeker body than the original, as well as an all-in-one pickguard assembly with an easier-to-use control layout. When Reverend signature artist Gil Parris saw the Six-Gun III, he fell in love with the new improvements. He and Joe Naylor then worked together to create the Reverend Gil Parris Signature II. The new version is on the Six-Gun III platform, but features the Gil Parris Signature humbucker-single-coil-humbucker pickup configuration, and it's available in metallic lakeside gold with a black pickguard and maple neck.

Another new Reverend development was a request from King Paris, the East-Meets-West star, who loves the company's Rick Vito Signature Model but felt the retro greens and blues clashed with his outfits. He was looking for the same model, but in a gold or red to match his show. Reverend obliged and added the metallic lakeside gold and metallic red options, both of which feature the same specs as the original Rick Vito model: the Dual-Pro bridge pickup (a hot single-coil based on a mid-1960s Supro pickup fit into a standard humbucker cover), ebony fretboard, stair-step tuner buttons, pickup pan knob, and included two-tone tapered case.

Reverend has also updated another popular model, the Pete Anderson Signature PA-1. After its debut a couple of years ago, many customers asked for a version with the company’s Revtron pickups—which provide a twangier sound. The new Reverend Pete Anderson Signature PA-1 RT (shown above) features these rockabilly-friendly pickups, in addition to new colors—satin red burst, satin rock orange, and satin metallic emerald. Otherwise, the guitar has the same features as the PA-1: the sustain-enhancing and feedback-fighting Uni-Brace, the bushing-mounted bridge, “R”-embossed knobs, back-sprayed/logoed pickguard, and a 15th-fret neck joint.

For left-handed players, Reverend has also announced that the Jetstream 390 model is now available as a lefty in rock orange, while the Buckshot model is also now available in chronic blue for left-handers. “We try to do each model in a lefty, at least once. Last year, we did the Sensei RT. This year, we decided to do something on the other end of the spectrum,” says Ken Haas, Reverend Guitars General Manager.

All Reverends have pin-lock tuners and a graphite nut and the company’s bass contour knob—a variable bass roll-off that adjusts the pickup voicing. “[Reverends are] influenced by the classics,” says Joe Naylor, founder of Reverend Guitars. “The look is very important—you wear it—but it’s also a musician’s tool, and everything has to work. Everything continues to evolve for Reverend, and that’s part of our philosophy. The last Reverend is the best Reverend.”

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