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Rhoney Guitars Unveils the Lil' Stinker

Rhoney Guitars Unveils the Lil' Stinker

Choose various pickup configurations from Roadhouse, Lollar, TV Jones, and more.

Elk Grove, CA (April 9, 2016) -- Ya ever just want to rock? Plug in a durable guitar, crank that amp all the way up, and just feel the energy of the crowd, while you play until your fingers bleed? Sometimes when you feel that way you don't want anything between you and your music, and you need a guitar that can keep up with you. Well that's what the Lil' Stinker is. It's your partner in crime, your best friend, faithful companion, never-let-you-down, ride or die soulmate.

Designed from the ground up to be the bare bones of what an electric guitar should be, the Lil' Stinker has the lowest base price on a new guitar that we've ever offered. Don't be mistaken, this is still a high quality, ultra durable, boutique, made in California guitar. Pick one up from our inventory, or custom order your favorite color combo today!


  • Solid Alder body and neck, with Rosewood fretboard.
  • Unique two-bolt machine screw trapezoidal neck joint
  • 500+ two-tone body and pickguard color combinations in gorgeous gloss finish
  • Two custom tailpiece options
  • Choice of pickups from Roadhouse, Lollar, TV Jones, and more
  • Includes hardshell case

The Lil’ Stinker is available direct from for only $2500, with a delivery time as little as one month on custom orders.

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