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RJM Music Technology Now Shipping Mastermind GT MIDI Controller

RJM is now shipping their flagship MIDI controller, the Mastermind GT

Vista, CA (June 4, 2013) -- When Ron Menelli of RJM Music Technology decided to create a new MIDI foot controller, he decided it wasn’t worth doing unless he could create the best one in the industry. “Our customers range from touring pros, to techs and rig builders, to people with elaborate systems of all kinds” states Menelli, “and we’ve done a great job of supplying switching and audio routing solutions – now it’s time to deliver the ultimate controller.”

“We gave it all the most requested features including lots of instant access buttons, lots of expression pedal and external switch jacks, and accessory power outlets for tuners and wah pedals” says Menelli. “In addition, we made it tour-worthy and viewable in any lighting conditions."

The resulting design includes: graphic LCD displays over every footswitch, a USB flash drive for settings backup, and a user interface that makes it easy to configure the Mastermind GT to work with popular MIDI devices.

“The onboard setup menu that uses all of the GTs buttons and displays to maximum advantage so that greatly reduces the number of button presses required to configure your controller” states Ron. “We’ve also included a built-in database of popular MIDI devices that makes setup faster, and eliminates the need to flip through product manuals searching for MIDI parameter numbers."


  • Designed for both live performance and studio use
  • Completely user customizable - any button can be configured to any function, and/or multiple functions
  • Pro-quality and durability - made in the USA
  • Upgradeable firmware allows users to easily add new features and support for new devices as they arrive to market
  • PC and Mac USB connectivity with free editing and backup software
  • USB flash drive support for safe backups and firmware updates

MSRP: $1999

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