Rocket Surgeon Introduces the Starlifter Bass Preamp/DI

A handy bass preamp/DI that features a 3-band EQ and a sweepable mid control.

Redlands, CA (Aprill 19, 2019) -- Explore galaxies of tone with the new StarLifter bass preamp/DI pedal, offering top notch sound quality with a simple accessible feature set with clear and easy to use controls. It provides a killer clean DI signal that can either bypass the EQ or take advantage of the powerful tone shaping qualities of the carefully designed contour switch and the 3-band EQ which features a sweepable midrange control. The line out provides plenty of gain to make any amp or powered cabinet sweat. A tuner out, mute switch, and switchable input impedance add real work flexibility. Get on board the StarLifter and take your tone to the stratosphere.

  • Street Price $349
  • 3 setting contour switch for vintage, flat, and modern EQ settings
  • Semi parametric sweepable Mids (150Hz-2.8KHz)
  • Treble +/- 15db @6kHz, Bass +/- 15db @ 70Hz
  • High end Burr Brown op amps provide extremely transparent yet rich and buttery sound quality
  • Almost 40db of gain to drive any amp or powered cabinet
  • Tuner Out with mute switch
  • +/-12v power rails for optimal circuit performance
  • High end transformer-less DI can be pre or post EQ
  • Includes power supply

For more information:
Nordstrand Audio

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