A carbon-fiber electric guitar that combines classic and modern elements.

Johannesburg, South Africa (August 27, 2019) -- For the first time, exciting things are going on in the electric guitar world at the southern tip of Africa. That’s the home of Rubato Guitars, makers of a lean, elegant carbon-fibre guitar for the 21st century that sounds and feels even better than it looks. Created by father and son, Roger and Oliver Lambson the Rubato is the result of three years of intense development to perfect a modern, world-class design that combines everything the pair – both engineers and life-long guitar geeks – love about the classic electric guitar, with a few meaningful innovations of their own.

“Our idea was to take something already elegant and beautiful and put our own stamp on it,” says Oliver, “providing musicians with a sublime playing experience that lets them focus on making their best music without the limitations sometimes imposed by the guitar itself.”

All guitarists love a stunning piece of gear but, ultimately, it’s the playability that matters, so most development time on their debut model – the Rubato Lassie - has been spent refining the features that most impact the way it sounds and feels:

Strong and Rigid Structure

The body and neck are integrated into a single, seamless carbon-fibre monocoque (shell) so: there’s virtually no bend in the neck (even with 13-guage strings); its conductive properties shield the electronics (effectively eliminating hum); and temperature and humidity have zero effect (so there’s no warping). Plus, there’s no truss rod so, other than intonation, it’s set up for life.

Lightweight and Well Balanced

At just 2.5kgs (5.5lbs), the Rubato is comfortable to hold, intuitive to play and reassuringly well balanced.

Full, Free, Fluid Fret Access

Constructed to give unrestricted access all the way up to Fret 24: There’s no neck-heel joint to navigate around; the shallow, curved ‘C’ profile of the neck sits naturally in the hand; and the hand glides fluidly along the full length of the smooth, satin neck without sticking. Added to which, the fretboard has a compound radius, for cleaner, easier string action.

Precision Pick Up

For more precise control over the string height, without the usual wobble or tilt, the Rubato features a robust, securely-fixed pick-up mounting. It’s also backed by a rubber pad to reduce vibration from the guitar body and feedback hypersensitivity.

Zero-Fret String Guide

To ensure the strings are well seated, and won’t stick or bind during play, the Rubato features an ultra-low string guide, right behind the Zero fret, that holds them all at a 6-degree break angle.

No compromises

Consistent with Rubato’s quality focus, they have sourced premium performance electronics, tuners and hardware from around the world.

PRICE: $4000.00 (subject to minor currency fluctuations).

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
Rubato Guitars

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