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S.I.T. Strings Introduces RB Bass Strings

S.I.T. Strings Introduces RB Bass Strings

Fusion-wound electric bass strings available in steel or nickel-plated options.

AKRON, OH (June 12, 2015) -- S.I.T. Strings is proud to announce the release of the RB line of electric bass strings. The RB Bass String starts with a 92/8 phosphor bronze under-wrap wire, over a hard-tempered hexagonal steel core. Then, the "Fusion Winding" process uses electricity to fuse the phosphor bronze wrap to the core. The final wrap is available in either nickel plated steel or stainless steel. This innovative method is designed to fuse a string into one super-flexible mass, thus eliminating dead spots

The new RB Bass String line replaces the current Rock Bright model. Over the last two years, S.I.T. Strings has been developing an improved manufacturing process for the RB as well as a more balanced tension string formula. The RB Bass String is now available in an expanded range of sizes and gauge combinations as well as scale length.

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