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SCAR Amplification Announces Series One Amp

SCAR Amplification Announces Series One Amp

SCAR Amplification has announced the release of their “Series One” 25-watt all-tube guitar amplifier.

Orange County, CA (February 11, 2013) -- SCAR Amplification has entered the Music Industry with their release of their “Series One” 25 watt all tube guitar amplifier Hand Made in USA. SCAR Amplifications engineering staff has over 100 years combined experience in the design of electronics. Our Series One is a unique design that is built and designed for ease of access and repair and it also serves as a modifiable platform in which the components can be changed to alter the output to the player’s desired tone.

This combo has a Plexiglas back cover to ease access and allows a visual window to see the build. The amplifier cabinet is built using sold pine that reduces the weight and transfers the tone rather than absorbed like in compressed wood as used in many amplifiers built today. There is a simple EQ that can be adjusted for unlimited tonal variations. There are two inputs one is a High Gain that allows the amplifier to run hot and give the tube saturation many players desire and one input Normal is padded down to allow for lower gain and can be used with an acoustic electric guitar. This is built for the discriminating guitar player who wants a lightweight simple design that will last for generations. Our build method allows us to present a Boutique style amplifier that is built on a production basis which allows us to sell at a much lower price.

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