Schaller Introduces the S-Locks Strap Lock System

The new strap locks are fully compatible with all existing Schaller Security Locks.

Bayern, Germany (March 6, 2018) -- Schaller has introduced their new S-Locks Strap Lock system, a dramatically improved method for securing your guitar strap.

The S-Locks system is the latest innovation from a company that revolutionized the market in 1981 with Schaller’s original strap lock. With its unique design and functionality, Schaller has been setting the standard in strap locks for decades, helping guitarists worldwide protect their beloved instruments.

In 2018 Schaller paves the way for the next generation of revolutionary strap locks with their new S-Locks. The product’s name reflects a simple, elegant concept: S for save, S for silent, and S for Schaller strap locks.

The new S-Locks are silent. They feature one-piece hardened steel strap buttons, aesthetic design, perfect handling, an elegant Lock-Wheel.

The S-Lock System is comprised of three components...

Strap button: New and unique solid one-piece strap button in hardened steel with self-tapping wood thread. Simply screw it on with an Allen key (size 3 mm).

4 mm/ 5/32“ screw with self-tapping wood thread. Fits all existing strap buttons for perfect replacement without adjustments on existing holes and screws. Hardened steel and more than double thickness of the strap button guarantees maximum security against breakage, including high-grade felt washers for ultimate protection of your guitar's finish.

Lock: Extended thread length for holding straps of up to 6 mm thickness, new designed slanted locking bolt in stainless steel for permanent precision. Reliable performance and wear-free finish, with newly designed pull-up ball for easy-grip lock and release.

Lock-Wheel: New Lock-Wheel with unique 3-Step security function

  • 1. Screw our lock wheel with patented self-locking thread tool-free by hand – you will already protect your guitar sufficiently (the round shaping must be facing the pull-up ball!).
  • 2. Use a 2 mm or 5/64’’ Allen key or screwdriver to tighten it for maximum security.
  • 3. Use our micro cone-top screw to attach it permanently. You will never lose your wheel again!

S-Locks are fully compatible with all existing Schaller Security Locks. You only need one strap and one pair of S-Locks for all your guitars. Enjoy all the benefits of our new S-Locks using one single strap. Simply use our new strap button replacement kits to employ new S-Locks for all your instruments.

Pricing for Schaller’s new S-Lock system: Starting at $24.90 USD

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