Schuyler Dean Pickups Introduces the D Coils

The pickups are scatterwound to 7K bridge and 6.5K neck with vintage-spec plain-enamel wire.

San Francisco, CA (October 22, 2014) -- Schuyler Dean Pickups has unveiled a new pickup model called D Coils. These preserve the chime and clarity of single coils while completely canceling the hum that plagues single coil pickups. They are a standard size and will fit into any humbucker-equipped guitar.

Scatterwound to 7K bridge and 6.5K neck with vintage-spec plain-enamel wire. Alnico V poles provide a sound that is warm and sweet, with plenty of attack and clarity. Unlike other hum-canceling singles, these do not sound like humbuckers wired in parallel, and they do not sound bright and thin. These sound like scatterwound single coils found in a vintage Strat or Tele. Simple to install with two-conductor leads.


  • Hand-guided, scatterwound coils
  • Hand-assembled in the USA
  • Available for any humbucker guitar
  • Ideal for any style of music from rock to jazz to metal
  • Lifetime manufacturers warranty

Street: Starting at $130

For more information:
Schuyler Dean Pickups

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