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Seafoam Pedals Unveils the Trident Overdrive

A surprising combination of two very familiar pedals.

Nashville, TN (July 9, 2018) -- New from Seafoam Pedals is the Trident Overdrive, a surprising combination of two very familiar pedals – a 3-band equalizer and a TS-style drive. The Trident has three overdrive circuits filtered to bass, mids, and treble so the amount of volume and drive can be adjusted individually for each EQ band. The volume knobs have a generous amount of boost on tap and the drive knobs go from very clean all the way to thick distortion with plenty of classic TS-flavored overdrive in between. Unlike a normal EQ circuit that just boosts volume, the Trident’s smooth tube-like gain introduces a special depth and texture to each frequency band. This gives the ability to separately equalize with overdrive and volume to find the best combination for any rig. The controls are grouped into 3 columns fittingly marked by the artwork. Each column (bass, mids, and treble) has a volume knob, drive knob and a frequency switch that extends its frequency range either higher or lower. With so many options in a relatively simple format, the Trident Overdrive from Seafoam Pedals makes light work of dialing in great tones with a variety of guitars and amps!

The Trident Overdrive features:

  • 18v operation from a standard 9v DC plug
  • Soft-touch true bypass switch
  • 3-band EQ and 3-band overdrive
  • Frequency voicing switches
  • Bright white LED
  • Hand-made in the USA

The Trident Overdrive carries a street price of $250 and can be purchased directly from the Seafoam Pedals online store at

Watch the company's video demo:

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