Shin-ei Announces the B1G 1 Gain Booster

A boutique boost with a whopping 30dB of boost.

Austin, TX (December 28, 2017) -- Shin-ei’s B1G 1 pushes the envelope to the max in the gain booster category!”

Shin-ei and electronics effects guru Lee Jackson have teamed up to create the B1G 1 Gain Booster. Totally transparent, the non tone-coloring, non tone-sucking B1G 1 Gain Booster takes the category to new limits.

Featuring 100% pure, high fidelity, studio-quality boost, the B1G 1 explodes with power, fattens your tone, and sacrifices nothing in the process.


  • Massive 30db+ boost! Arguably the highest found in any gain booster pedal.
  • Huge, distortion free headroom! - Rivals specs found on many vintage and modern day iconic studio consoles.
  • Adds spacious depth and non-distorted fatness to your tone!
  • Sounds amazing on acoustic guitar, bass and even vocals!!
  • Heavy duty construction. Made from 16-gauge steel! Built like a fortress!
  • Hand built in Austin, TX USA!

The B1G 1 Gain Booster can be purchased directly from Shin-ei for $469.

Release is set for late January, 2018.

For more information:

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