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Sinasoid Introduces Sable Line of Cables

Sinasoid Introduces Sable Line of Cables

The new cables are available in a variety of lengths and with either straight or right-angle plugs.

Lynnwood, WA (June 24, 2020) -- Sinasoid Cables has introduced the newest member in its family of premium audio products: the Sable.

A sleek black cable in a growing roster of Sinasoid-branded wire, the SABLE named for the cable’s monochromatic black appearance) boasts a smooth, matte finish that feels great in the hand and wraps very easily. With a subtle grip to the material, Sable should stick to the stage slightly more than a typical glossy jacketed cable, eliminating the need to constantly move the cable to avoid stepping on it. Even with this slight texture, it won’t feel quite as tacky as our SLATE, making it a nice middle ground.

Underneath the Sable's thick PVC jacket is a braided copper shield. That, along with the conductive carbon electrostatic shield, provides excellent coverage to block out noise and interference. All copper is tinned prior to extrusion to assist in corrosion resistance. We’ve already been using the Sable for patch cables with great success, including our Sliver plugs!

“Enough techno-babble, how does it sound?!” In a word: clear. With a present (but not exaggerated) low-end, a smooth mid-range that is incredibly even, and a very punchy, sparkly and – dare we say – chimey top-end response thanks to the low capacitance, the Sable is a very musical sounding wire. The non-congested characteristics of the mid-range frequencies makes chord voicings speak clearly even when overdriven, making the Sable a neck-pickup player’s dream! (Don't worry, it sounds great in other pickup positions too!) The Sable performs just as well in patch situations as it does as a lead cable.


  • Great feeling matte jacket, very flexible for its size
  • Available in lengths from 3 inches – 40 feet
  • Plug options: available in Straight or Right Angle, including the Sinasoid Sliver
  • Low capacitance guitar cable – very clear without sounding too “hi-fi” or sterile

As with every Sinasoid cable, these Sinasoid Signature Sable cables are handmade with love, carefully assembled and packed in our shop, and are covered by our 100 Year Warranty.

Sable pricing starts at $27.99 for patches and $53.99 for instrument leads.

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