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Sitek Guitar Electronics Releases the Pandora Fuzz

Sitek Guitar Electronics Releases the Pandora Fuzz

Designed to be a versatile, high-gain fuzz that offers a variety of original tones ranging from warm classic fuzz to a rich, top-end sound and when goosed, a natural, upper octave becomes prominent.

Gdynia, Poland (April 25, 2019) -- Sitek Guitar Electronics has just unveiled a new addition to their line of “Sound Muses” pedals. Pandora Fuzz is a versatile high gain fuzz pedal allowing to dial in a variety of original tones ranging from warm fuzz to top-end rich sound and anything in between. Increasing the gain saturates the distortion and increases sustain.

When Pandora’s box of fuzz is opened even more, a natural upper octave becomes more prominent. Five simple controls provide fine-tuning and variety of tonal options. Pandora is suitable for both live and studio applications.

Pandora Fuzz offers the following features:

  • 100% discrete analog circuit
  • Five carefully designed gain stages
  • 5 simple controls: Level, Fuzz, Tone, Color and a Switch to choose between two clipping modes
  • DeMont Smooth-Click Footswitch (the highest quality footswitch on the market)
  • Powdercoated enclosure to withstand tough stage conditions
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • True Bypass
  • Power supply 9V DC

Pandora Fuzz is available to purchase on or directly from the Sitek Guitar Electronics website at and carry a price of $169.

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