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Sitek Guitar Electronics Updates the Caffeine Booster

Updates include a drive/boost modes, a tone switch, and a DualMode footswitch.

Gdynia, Poland (September 30, 2020) -- Sitek Guitar Electronics brings a vast update to one of their first creations - Caffeine Booster. This pedal livens up your guitar tone like a good espresso shot. Known for its rich, sparkly boost and bright crunch this pedal gets some brand new features. While the original character was preserved, Andy and Hania added more gain and additional controls for further tone-shaping. The update was also highlighted by the new colour of the enclosure.

With Caffeine Booster V2 you get two more switching options: a D/B Mode Switch - a selection between drive and boost modes and a Tone Switch, which modifies the bottom-end of the signal to compensate for different kind of guitar pickups and suit player’s personal preference. Caffeine was also designed to play well with guitar volume and tone controls. Just like in the previous version, new Caffeine Booster is equipped with DualMode Footswitch allowing momentary or latching operation.

New Caffeine Booster offers following features:

  • 4 simple controls: Level, Gain, Drive/Boost Selector and a 3-way Tone Switch
  • 100% discrete analog signal path designed with a combination of BJT and JFET transistors
  • DualMode Footswitch for momentary or latching operation
  • Powder coated enclosure to withstand tough stage conditions
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • True Bypass
  • Power supply 9V DC or 9V battery
  • Compact footprint

Caffeine Booster is available to purchase on or directly from the Sitek Guitar Electronics website at and carry a price of $165.

Watch the company's video demo:

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