Notable Swedish shredder Ola Englund has expanded the lineup, which now includes two left-handed models.

Solar Guitars

Sant Gregori, Spain (May 8, 2018) -- Solar Guitars - the brand created by Ola Englund- who’s recognized as a member of notable Swedish metal groups The Haunted and Feared, is very proud to announce the addition of 8 new models to the current range of Solar Guitars, including two left handed models.

Utilizing Ola’s extensive knowledge and experience, Solar Guitars is focusing on the needs of the rock/metal touring and home recording guitar player as well as beginner and guitar enthusiasts in general.

“It has always been all about designing a modern, sleek and simply elegant guitar that is easy to play and sounding absolutely awesome with any gear or studio recording being thrown at me. I finally created what, for me, has become the ultimate songwriting and touring companion,” says Ola Englund.

A1.6ETC: 999 $/€ suggested street pricing.

A1.6ETWHM: 999 $/€ suggested street pricing.

A1.6ETTBLM LH: 1049 $/€ suggested street pricing.

A2.7TBRM: 749 $/€ suggested street pricing.

A2.7TBRM LH: 799 $/€ suggested street pricing.

S1.6ETC: 1099 $/€ suggested street pricing.

E1.6ETC: 1099 $/€ suggested street pricing.

E2.6TBRM: 799 $/€ suggested street pricing.

All eight instruments are immediately available from the Solar Guitars web-store:, and selected dealers.

For more information:
Solar Guitars

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